Friday, July 24, 2015

Summer Days Flower Garden


Thanks goodness for sprinklers or there would be no summer garden here in Texas!  Well into the 100's every day, it's so wonderful to still have flowering blooms to see.  Somehow though - they don't seem quite so vivid as they did in the spring.  It's almost like the hot sun blanches some of the color out of them.  

That's rather how I see these two paintings...
like my summer days "color blanched" garden!!

My sister-in-law actually sent me a picture of something similar to these and asked me to paint them.  I had no idea whether I could but for her I was willing to try.  Here is the set as they are on the wall together in their new home.

They are both 20 x 30 acrylic on canvas. 
I think that they look a bit brighter here. 
Must be caused by the different setting and camera!

Would you believe that the two paintings were done with different mediums?  Yes - they were... and it was so fun!

The first painting was done with Neocolor II and distress paints.  It was the first time using Neocolor II for anything this large and I enjoyed every minute of doing this painting. 
There are more pictures of it here

For the second painting (see pictures below)...
I used DecoArt Fluid Acrylics for two reasons. 

One for fun.  I didn't have access to the Neocolors.  Since I needed a pair... thought it would be fun to try to make them match.  Worst case - I would have to redo again to make them match!

 And two - for the DecoArt Dare to Create with Tracy and Andy.  They asked us to inspire their "face-off" in painting something from Art History - one of the master painters. 

Guess I will go with Monet since a sweet person told me that these looked rather Monet inspired!!! 

Again, I enjoyed doing this painting very much.  In some ways it was different than using the mediums in the first painting but in other ways very much the same. Both flowed beautifully under my fingers and both gave me a good variety color tones and textures.

Which would I do again?  BOTH - for sure!!! 

I think they turned out to be a good enough match even using different products.  What to you think?

Thanks bunches for stopping by to see my Summer Days Flower Garden fun.  I learned alot doing these paintings.  
Hugs. j. 

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

I would also like to share these with the
 Mixed Media Monthly Challenge 

These mixed media creations reminds me of my gardens in summer - a bit sparse here and there as well as a bit blanched by the sun.  They have many of the same colors as The Mixed Media Monthly Challenge Mood Board.  Since I never go far from home... I don't go to the beach or the ferris wheel or even wear sunglasses but...
I do soooooooo enjoy my summer days looking at the summer garden here at the ranch. 

Click HERE: The Mixed Media Challenge SUMMER DAYS

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