Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Pathway to Tomorrow's Bright Future

Today I am soooo very honored to be "TOP TALENT" for:

Their summer theme is Mexico with this mood board:

Here is my creative interpretation - a 20x24 acrylic on canvas. 

Can we all believe there is a
 'Pathway to Tomorrow's Bright Future'?

YES... we can. We must.

Seems fun to think of walking down this colorful pathway!

But if you look closely at this pathway... you will see that there is an incline, the wall has sections of colors to walk through, there might not be a window, the perspective may be hard to follow or understand, there are uneven places under foot, and many choices and distractions along the way. 
When we get to the door... then what? 

Often times it's hard. There are decisions and challenges along the way... for instance: we might stub our toe on a huge pot sticking out along the pathway!! But did you know that even limping... baby steps will still get us there? And baby steps help us grow too!

Most importantly, where ever we are along the pathway, we should try to enjoy the moment. If we are stuck by the ugly checkered pot for awhile instead of the one with all the lovely colors..... we should find contentment there.  There is something to learn from a road block. It we stop fluttering and flapping against the hold-up - relax and find a niche at that particular spot in our lives.... then ultimately we start moving forward again - wiser and more eager. 

I move forward down my pathway... having completed this project... wiser and more eager.  This was way out of my comfort zone... you can't even imagine how many times I repainted those wall/ceiling lines!!!  While looking at Mexican pottery etc online I saw lots of buildings with arches - one very colorful one stuck with me and I thought how neat it would be to have the door from the Our Creative Corner mood board at the end of the archway. So thus began the pursuit of creating a pathway to the lovely door! 

I drew, erased, drew, erased and erased some more.  Finally I began painting but I never really got the hang of making the inside beams right up in the ceiling.  And even today, after taking pictures... I saw an uneven wall as I was cropping them.  So I went back to paint again - fixed it and retook more pictures - whew.  It was a journey - a process and baby steps saw it finished!

After I finally got all the stripes and curves painted for the first time... I added the flowers - drawing them in by hand and then putting white gesso over them since there was red paint underneath.  Originally I didn't have any flowers across the top at all but towards the end of competion - they were added. 

After the flowers on the sides were painted, it seemed it needed more pottery than I had planned. Originally, the plan was for just a couple of pots filled with flowers over on the right side.  I cut out some pots with flowers that I thought would work and just didn't like them at all.  I set the painting aside and just looked at it.  The idea came to line up the pots along the path so I cut out lots of pots of various sizes putting them at different places until they seemed to make me feel happy!  Then I taped them all together to use as a pattern for drawing them in and painting them.  There was no way to make them look as pretty as the examples I found but I did the best I could to make the colors and shapes look appealing. 

Here is what I taped together and used for my example:

In this picture you can see a bit of the shimmer from some of the accent paints. Wish you could see it in person!!! 

I few more close-ups for you and then... my journey through the challenges and joys of this project is done.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to paint this - to move forward in daring to create beyond my known ability. It makes me feel happy inside.  And I am thankful that I have all of you to share it with because I wouldn't be nearly as motivated without you :)  
Big Hugs, j.


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