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Hello Sweet Creative Friends!  

Right outside my window is a summer playground.  The hummingbirds, the cardinals, painted buntings, blue birds, purple martins, chickadees, squirrels, lizards, and of course, butterflies.  At any moment one or more of these will be there when I look out and I so enjoy watching them.  So it seemed fun to do a picture of a butterfly playground for you.  

Use your imagination and see if you can find the picket fence, a pathway to the trees and bushes... and the sunshine too.  You won't believe how those additions came about... but I'm fixing to tell ya!

First, let me let you peak into Summer's Butterfly Playground. 

See the white in the background?  The patterns that you see - were made totally by accident.  I used drawing gum for the first time ever. I had sketched my butterflies onto the canvas but I had the canvas turned side to side at that point... and I just began putting the drawing gum down in patterns.  By the way... it took forever for it to dry.

When it was dry I painted on the dark green acrylic paint and waited for it to dry.  Then I began taking the drawing gum off the canvas.  That was sooo fun - makes me smile now thinking of it! It is a gray/blue color so the white canvas underneath was so bright in comparison.  And when I set my canvas upright again - I had it turn the other way - just setting it down... and immediately saw the "picket fence" under the big butterfly.  I didn't do it that way on purpose at all... I was just drawing lines!!!  Isn't that just so fun???  Well, for sure it was for me!!!!  

Then it was just a matter of painting my butterflies.  I used three colors as follows: 

Dylusions Cut Grass by Ranger
Fluorescent Rose Pink by Pebeo
Iridescent Green Yellow by Pebeo

As well as Faber-Castell Big Brush Pens and Pitt Pens, gesso and of course, drawing gum.

Thanks bunches for spending part of your week with me!   And thanks bunches in advance for any comments  - they mean so so much to me.  Hugs. j. 

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It's wonderful to participate in the following wonderful challenges.
July 2015
Create anything you like using mainly the color green.

This is definitely mostly green Mou!!!  
Thanks bunches for the fun challenge. 
Would love to win the 101 Stencil Collection too!!  

Summer of Color 
Week 5 - 1 Green, 1 Green, 1 Pink


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