Friday, July 17, 2015

Is This Your Hometown? 20x24 Canvas


Hello my sweet creative friends....

This post is special to me.... 
it's a tribute to an online artist that has many talents and has really blessed my life almost every day by her wonderful posts and incredible displays of creativity.

This is my rendition of her hometown :)  The flowers, bird and buildings are all taken from the beautiful images she captures in her photography every day and shares with us.

Her initials are in the circle at the top of my building!!! V-J. 
Can you figure out who she is????  

I painted this piece using techniques that I learned from a guest speaker at The Painted Guru Summit.  Her name is Amber Kuileimailani Bonnici. Her class is called "Art From The Heart".   The technique was so interesting and fun.  Thank you Bibi Butler and Amber for the opportunity to learn and be inspired to create. 

Here are some of the steps on my way to the finish of this 20x24 acrylic on canvas.

Now, just a few more close-ups of my creation...
"Is This Your Hometown" 

I sure hope the person whose hometown it is recognizes it!!!


Here is a glimpse of some of the shimmer here and there in the painting! Just can't help it - I so love shimmer!!

Thanks bunches for taking time to read and comment.  I soooo love to hear from you. 
Oh and let me know if you figure out whose hometown this could be.  Initials... V-J!
Hugs. j. 
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I am excited to enter this project in the following challenges: 

Mixed Media Place 
Creative Gym Exercise 9
Architecture Theme by Marianne


  1. Your painting is so wonderful, I am really in love with it. And yes, I think I might just know who lives there! I love the shimmer you achieved, it reminds of the light shimmering on hot days. This has made me very, very happy, thanks for painting this wonderful piece. Hugs, Valerie

  2. What a beautiful painting! Lovely!
    xxx Susi

  3. Beautiful painting! So artistic and creative! Wonderful tribute!

  4. Amazing project! You really did a fabolous job here! Thanks for joining our Challenge at Mixed Media Place!

  5. I know who it is. What a beautiful painting and a wonderful tribute to that talented lady.

  6. I know who it is. What a beautiful painting and a wonderful tribute to that talented lady.

  7. Thank you for celebrating Valerie! You are both so talented!

  8. Wow Valerie would be so thrilled with this and what a fabulous creation...she is a talented and inspiring lady I must agree totally.xx{aNNie My Personal Blog}

  9. Really beautiful and a wonderful tribute! Thank you so much for joining the Mixed Media Place's challenge and sharing your art!

  10. Wow! Your painting is beautiful, I love it.
    xxx Hazel.

  11. Oh Joi what a totally incredible piece of art, I LOVE it, the architectural bits are wonderful, the bird is so sweet, and the flowers are just amazing!! And yes, I know exactly which creative lady you mean lol, both her art and her photos are a daily pleasure to visit!

  12. Beautiful canvas and tribute to VJ! Thank you for joining the Mixed Media Place challenge!

  13. Wow Joi, this is just brilliant! You have taken so many wonderful images from Valerie's photos of her home town and her wonderful garden full of birds! Your scene is really amazing, so full of interest and depth! I think I want to live right inside your painting!! GORGEOUS!! hugs :)

  14. Your painting is excellent and we all love Valerie for sharing her photos and talents with us.

  15. How beautiful - I love how you built up the layers to create something of such beauty. A wonderful tribute to the wonderful Valerie-Jael!
    Alison xx


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